Saturday, May 27, 2006


There were the dangerous Jacobin Radicals of the French Revolution, which threatened to cover the world with the menaces of widespread bloodshed. The lurking European anarchists that threatened to blow up the Statue of Liberty. The insiduous Communists of the Malayan Communist Party who had with much horror to the general public, gone to the extent of infiltrating Chinese schools, perhaps. Incendiary and seditious, they plot the downfall of the stability and way of life we hold so dear.

And somehow, the youth are always attracted to these kinds of things, tsk, tsk. The youth these days. They'll grow out of it, most of them always do. There's some kind of inexplicable romance with those radicals, a romance with danger, like the attraction to someone with a bad-boy image. They're the kind who write seditious material, the kind who somehow always ignores their elders' warnings to "watch what they say" or "be careful of what they post", or to be "responsible for what they write", and ends up posting something "incendiary".

When they grow older and have their own family, they'll know, of course. Aiyah, these youths. "When one is young, who doesn't have dreams and ideals?" so rhetorically opens in Chinese the first line to Liang Wen Fu's song, Xi Shui Chang Liu. When they have to deal with bread and butter issues, they'll stop bothering about high and mighty ideals.

Please stop complaining about the government, can or not, they already have done so much and given us a stable economy, give us such great country. and you want to be ingrateful with your dangerous talk, your seditious blog, your treacherous posts!

I know you're young and the youth generation always wants to be rebellious, be brash, do things their own way. But can you at least have some responsibility for what you say? You can't just publish things on the internet like that, where everyone can see. There are certain things that are out of bounds. Imagine if everyone could simply say what they wanted to in public, make controversial or incendiary statements, without being accountable for it. How can? It will be chaotic! It will threaten to destroy the fabric and harmony of our society! Making jokes between your friends is different from writing on an unregulated medium which no one is responsible for.
These people think they can post whatever they like without consequences. But let me tell you, there will be dire consequences, and don't blame us just because you wouldn't be responsible for what you post online and thought you were safe.

But as I close this post, countrymen, I think we know what the ultimate danger is.


At Tue Jun 20, 06:41:00 AM GMT-5, Blogger Closet Misanthrope said...


Forgive me if im wrong, but the ultimate danger lies when people get too oppressed by their leaders and the way they are wont to keep pushing their ideals, their policies and the other 1001 shit that they always say and CONFIRM will do one.

"Where oh where, did democracy go?
Oh where oh where can it be?"


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